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CROWN Englsih ExressionⅡLesson4 Ex-file

CROWN Englsih ExressionⅡLesson4 Ex-file の解答


1. I think she would enjoy ( working ) at an overseas branch of the company.

2. Don’t forget ( to answer ) your customers’ e-mails within a couple of days.

3. Expressways need ( repairing ) regularly.

4. He doesn’t feel like ( taking  ) over the family business.

5. His new book on the Japanese economy is worth ( reading  ).

1. The company admitted having sent defective products.

2. His parents dislike his day-trading on the Internet.

3. Do you mind telling me how to become a CPA?

4. It is no use complaining about the job shortage.

1. She is proud of having worked part-time at that famous shop.

2. His lecture on business administration was worth waiting for.

3. Do you mind changing a 10,000-yen bill?

4. There is no going back to the bubble economy of the late 1980s.


A:I’ve heard that Japanese rice cookers [disposable diapers; (baby/milk) formulas] are becoming popular in China.
A:I quite agree. I think Japanese rice cookers [disposable diapers; (baby/milk) formulas] are worth buying even though they are a little more expensive than Chinese ones.



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