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CROWN Englsih ExressionⅡLesson2 Ex-file

CROWN Englsih ExressionⅡLesson2 Ex-file の解答


1. He ( can’t ) have caught this beetle by himself.

2. We ( should ) have read the original work before seeing the movie.

3. He ( must ) have found that rare coin at the flea market.

4. I ( needn’t ) have bought an advance ticket, since today is a discount day.


1. He may have learned to cook at a cooking class.

2. You ought not to have spent so much money on game software.

3. They will have arrived at the National Stadium by now.

4. He suggested that we should stay at a hot-spring inn in Hakone.


1. I should [ought to] have reserved a seat in advance.

2. He must have practiced martial arts before.

3. She may/might have left her ticket at home.

4. To enjoy life, it is important that you/we (should) have at least one hobby.



I like cycling. When I went cycling on the Boso Peninsula last weekend, it suddenly started to rain hard. It was careless of me not to take [have taken] a raincoat/waterproof with me and I got wet through [got soaked (to the skin)]. I should have checked the weather forecast [watched the weather report on TV] before leaving [I left home].



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