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CROWN English CommunicationⅡOptional Lesson 和訳

Optional Lesson MJ

Before him there were Elvis Presley and the Beatles; after him there will surely be other famous popular musicians. But from the early 1970s through the first decade of the 21st century, Michael Jackson was the undisputed “King of Pop.”


Section 1

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958.

When he was 11, he made his debut with his brothers in a group called “The Jackson Five.”

His solo career began in the early 1970s, and in 1982 he recorded the bestselling album of all time, Thriller.

His other albums—Off the Wall, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory—are also among the top selling albums in the world.

He won 13 Grammy Awards and released 13 number-one solo singles.

He also brought street dancing, such as the moonwalk and the robot dance, into the spotlight.

His unique sound and style have influenced many other performers.

In 2009, Michael Jackson announced This Is It: a series of 50 concerts to be held in London.
2009年に、マイケル・ジャクソンは、「This Is It」─ロンドンでおこなわれる50回の連続公演のコンサートを発表した。

“These will be my final shows. This is it. And when I say this is it, I mean this is it.

This is really it.

This is the final curtain call, OK? See you in July.”

More than 5,000 dancers applied for roles in This Is It.
5,000を超えるダンサーが「This Is It」の出演枠に応募した。

The number was narrowed down to about 600.

After auditions, 11 dancers were chosen. Rehearsals for This Is It began.
オーディションの後、11名のダンサーが選ばれた。「This Is It」のリハーサルが始まった。


decade n. 10年間
undisputed a. だれもが認める、異議のない
pop n. ポップス、ポピュラー音楽
debut n. デビュー
solo a. ソロの、独唱の
bestselling a. ベストセラーの
thriller n. ぞくぞくさせるもの、スリラー小説[映画]
moonwalk n. ムーンウォーク(ダンスのテクニックの一種)
spotlight n. 世間の注目;スポットライト
performer n. パフォーマー、音楽家、俳優
audition n. オーディション
rehearsal n. リハーサル、下稽古


MJ =Michael Jackson
make one’s debut デビューする
of all time 今までで(一番…だ)
bring ~ into the spotlight ~に脚光を浴びせる
This is it. ≒This is the end.(これが最後だ) / This is the greatest.
curtain call カーテンコール
apply for ~ ~を申し込む
narrow down ~ (to …) ~を〈数〉にしぼる、少なくする

MJ = Michael Jackson
7. make one’s debut He made his debut as a violinist.
12. of all time She is the greatest singer of all time.
17. bring 〜 into the spotlight cf. be in the spotlight ≒ get a lot of attention

2. This is it. ≒ This is the end. / This is the greatest.
8. curtain call カーテンコール
10. apply for 〜 Fifty people applied for the job.
11. narrow down ~ (to …) ≒ reduce ~ (to …)


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