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CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson7 和訳

Lesson 7
Why Biomimicry?

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.
— Navajo proverb

Take a Moment to Think
1. What can animals and insects do that people cannot?
2. Do you believe that human beings are causing climate change?
3. Bio means “life” and mimicry means “imitation.” What is “biomimicry”?

Science and technology have given us a comfortable life. But sometimes our technology damages the natural world. Janine Benyus, a science writer, suggests a way to make our technology conform to nature: “biomimicry.”


Section 1

No other living thing on earth has accomplished more than human beings.

We have created many useful things such as airplanes, trains, computers, cell phones, medicines and pesticides, as well as institutions such as schools, universities, hospitals and banks.

Without them, the modern world would not exist.

These things let us travel far and wide, gather information quickly, educate ourselves, and treat diseases.

However, things we have created can be harmful.

Pesticides kill insects but can poison the soil.

We need cars, but CO2 may be one of the main causes of global warming.

Now the question we must ask is: If we were to live in harmony with nature, could we maintain our comfortable way of living?

In other words, how is it possible for us to live a sustainable life?

biomimicry n. バイオミミクリー
damage v. ~に損害[損傷]を与える
conform v. 順応する、適合する
accomplish v. ~を成し遂げる、成就する
pesticide n. 農薬、殺虫剤
institution n. 施設、機関
exist v. 存在する
harmful a. 害になる、有害な
poison v. ~を汚染する、毒する
soil n. 土、土壌
CO2 n. 二酸化炭素
sustainable a. 持続可能な、環境破壊せず維持できる

No other living thing ~ ~な生物はほかにいない
far and wide 遠くまで、いたるところに
in other words 言い換えれば

5. No other living thing 〜 cf. No other soccer team is more famous than Nadeshiko.
12. far and wide ≒ everywhere
20. in other words ≒ that is (to say), to put it another way

G-2 Without music, life would be boring.
G-3 If we were to miss the examination, we would be in real trouble.

Q-1 What are some of the useful things that humans have created?
Q-2 What question does Benyus say we must ask ourselves?

1. The modern world would not exist without human creations. (T)
2. Many human creations are harmful as well as useful. (T)
3. Benyus says that we must protect ourselves from nature. (F)


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