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CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson4 和訳

Lesson 4
Crossing the Border
—Médecins sans Frontières—


Dr. Kanto Tomoko joined MSF in 1993. She was the first Japanese to work in the field with this international volunteer group. Here she talks about her experience.


After working for about eight years as a doctor in Japan, I went to Switzerland for further study.

It was there that I joined Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), “Doctors Without Borders,” an NGO established in France in 1971.
私が国境なき医師団(MSF)─英語では“Doctors Without Borders”ですが─に参加したのはそこででした。MSFは1971年にフランスで設立されたNGOです。

MSF helps people all over the world who are sick or injured as a result of war and disaster, no matter what their race, religion, or politics is.

I had been thinking about how I might be of some help to others as a doctor.

I wanted to see different cultures and places.

I had read about MSF and I had friends who had donated money.

I sent a letter to an MSF office in Paris saying that I wished to join the organization.

They said yes and I was sent to the Madhu refugee camp in Sri Lanka, where fighting was going on.

NGO n. 非政府組織
establish v. ~を設立する
injured a. けがをした
disaster n. 大惨事、災害
race n. 人種
religion n. 宗教
politics n. 政治的意見、政治
donate v. ~を寄付する
refugee n. 難民
fighting n. 戦闘、戦い

Médecins sans Frontières [メドサン サン フロンティエール] = MSF、国境なき医師団
2. in the field ≒ not in an office 現場で
9. as a result of 〜 ~の結果として The boy was injured as a result of a fall from a tree.
12. be of help ≒ be helpful 役に立つ cf. be of importance

G-3 It was in junior high school that I first learned to play baseball.
G-2 She has been using my computer for five hours.

Q-1 When and where was MSF established?
Q-2 What kind of work does MSF do?

1. Dr. Kanto went to Madhu for further study. (F)
2. Médecins sans Frontières was established in France in 1971. (T)
3. MSF gives medical help to people no matter what their race or religion is. (T)


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