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CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson3 和訳

Lesson 3
Paul the Prophet 予言者パウル

June, 2010. As the FIFA World Cup competition was reaching its final stages, sports writers tried to predict the winners. Nobody had a better record of prediction than Paul: he was right 100 percent of the time.


It is well known that Germans love soccer.

As the German team moved closer to the play-offs, suspense grew.

On June 13, Paul predicted that Germany would beat Australia; Paul was right.

On June 18, Paul picked Serbia over Germany; he was right, but it was a group stage game and Germany remained in competition.

On June 23, Paul chose Germany over Ghana—right again. Paul had correctly chosen the winner in every match Germany had played.

Germany played England on June 27; Paul picked Germany, and he was right.

On July 3, Germany played a quarter-final match against Argentina.

Again Paul picked the German team and again Paul was right.

Germany had made it to the semi-finals and Paul had not made one wrong prediction. The whole world waited for his prediction for the semi-final match between Germany and Spain.

Paul n. パウル
prophet n. 預言者
prediction n. 予想、予言
play-off n. 優勝[順位]決定戦、プレーオフ
suspense n. 緊張感、不安
beat v. ~に勝つ、打ち負かす
remain v. 残る、~にとどまる
quarter-final n. [形容詞的に]準々決勝(の)
semi-final n. [形容詞的に]準決勝(の)

9. pick 〜 over … …ではなく~を運ぶ He picked business over music as a career.
17. play a match against 〜と試合をする Japan plays a match against Germany on Sunday.
20. make it to 〜まで進む、(なんとか) ~にたどり着く She finally made it to America.

G-3 It is believed that this house was built about 300 years ago.

Q-1 How many times had Paul made wrong predictions?

1. Germany beat Australia. (T)
2. Serbia beat Germany as Paul predicted. (T)
3. Germany could not go on to the semi-finals. (F)


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