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CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson2 和訳

Lesson 2 Into Unknown Territory


Habu Yoshiharu is one of the greatest shogi players in history.  He is truly “King of the Board.”  Here he talks with an interviewer about his experience as a professional shogi player.

Section 1

When did you first learn to play shogi?

In my first year of elementary school.

At first, I lost almost all the games, but in a month or so, I began to win.  In my second year, I went to a shogi dojo in Hachioji, where I participated in a children’s tournament.

I didn’t qualify for the final, but I enjoyed the games.

I wanted to become a better player, and I started to go to the dojo for practice.

What do you like about shogi?

As a child I found it interesting that you play with many different pieces; each piece has a different move.

Also the results of a game are very clear-cut: you either win or lose.

The entire game is a process of cause and effect, and winning or losing is your own responsibility.

Of course, it doesn’t feel good to lose, but I like shogi because it has great depth to it.


unknown           a.           未知の
board                  n.           盤;板
participate         v.           参加する
tournament       n.           トーナメント
qualify                v.           出場権を得る、資格[権利]を持つ
clear-cut             a.           ハッキリした、明確な
entire                 a.           全体の
process              n.           過程
responsibility    n.           責任
depth                  n.           奥深さ

〜 or so ~かそこら We waited for 10 minutes or so

G-1   We went to London, where we stayed for two weeks.

Q-1  When did Habu start to learn shogi at a shogi dojo in Hachioji?

Q-2  What is it about shogi that Habu found interesting when he was a boy?

Q-3  Who must take responsibility for winning or losing a game of shogi?

Habu Yoshiharu participated in a children’s tournament in his first year of elementary school. (F)
Habu practiced shogi at the dojo because he wanted to be a better player. (T)
The result of a shogi game is very clear-cut; you either win or lose. (T)


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