CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson10 和訳 | 和訳のCROWN

CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson10 和訳

Lesson 10
Grandfather’s Letters おじいちゃんの手紙

Letters are among the most significant memorials a person can leave behind.
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Take a Moment to Think
1. How well do you know your grandparents?
2. What did they do when they were your age?
3. What are some of the differences between handwritten letters and text messages?

One day, while Charles Grimaldi was going through his late mother Margaret’s belongings, he found an old album with illustrated letters and cards signed “Kaka.” Who were these letters from?


Section 1

Charles Grimaldi called his uncle Teddy, who also had letters from Kaka.

Grimaldi learned that Kaka was the nickname of his great-grandfather.

His cousins also had letters from Kaka.

Soon, he had over 850 letters and cards: the world’s largest collection of illustrated correspondence.

He decided to get it published.

Princess Anne of England wrote the introduction for the book, Pictures in the Post. Some of the profits support Save the Children, an international charity.

Eight more people contacted Grimaldi to say that they also had letters from Kaka.

A total of 1,200 illustrated letters and cards had been discovered.

Here is the story of Kaka and the times in which he lived—times of war, sea travel, and family life across England and colonial India.


belonging n. 持ち物、身の回り品
illustrated a. イラストの入った
nickname n. あだ名
cousin n. いとこ
collection n. コレクション、収集品
correspondence n. 手紙、書簡、通信
introduction n. 序文、前書き
profit n. 利益、収益
charity n. 慈善団体、慈善事業
total n. 合計、総数
colonial a. 植民地の


go through ~ ~に目を通す
late 亡くなった
get ~ done ~を…してもらう
the times 時代

1. go through 〜 〜に目を通す
2. late ≒ dead
11. get 〜 done ≒ have 〜 done
19. the times 時代

Q-1 What was the nickname of Charles Grimaldi’s great-grandfather?
Q-2 What did Grimaldi decide to do with these illustrated letters and cards?

1. Kaka is the nickname of Charles Grimaldi’s great-grandfather. (T)
2. Princess Anne of England published the book of Kaka’s letters. (F)
3. Kaka sent illustrated letters to over 850 people. (F)


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