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CROWN Englsih ExressionⅡLesson6 Ex-file

CROWN Englsih ExressionⅡLesson6 Ex-file の解答



1. No ( other   )( mammal  ) is larger than the blue whale.

2. The African continent is ( three   )( times   ) as large as the Sahara Desert.

3. The number of toki in the wild is ( no    )( more   )( than   ) 1,800.
no more than「野生のトキの数はわずかに1,800羽だ」


1. There used to be ten times as many orangutans as there are now.

2. Lake Shikotsu is the second deepest lake in Japan, next to Lake Tazawa.

3. The in the Antarctic higher the temperature rises, the more ice melts.


1. The number of deer in Nikko is about eighty times as large as that of the 1980s.

2. The more underground water we use, the more the ground sinks.

3. It is estimated that the number of tigers in the wild is not more than [at most] 5,000.

4. A researcher says that as many as [no less/fewer than] 100 species die out every day.



A: Do you know which is the largest country in the world?
B: Yes, I do. It’s Russia.
A: Well then, how about the second largest one?
B: It is Canada.


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