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CROWN English CommunicationⅡLesson8 和訳

Lesson 8
Before Another 20 Minutes Goes By さらに20分が過ぎる前に

There never was a good war or a bad peace.
— Benjamin Franklin

Take a Moment to Think
1. What do you know about mines?
2. What is the purpose of mines?
3. Long after a war is over, mines kill people. Why is that?

Antipersonnel mines are designed to hurt or kill people. They are very difficult to find and remove. Japanese scientists have joined the world effort to find and destroy mines. Hirose Shigeo has invented several mine-clearing robots.


Section 1

Antipersonnel mines are laid on or under the ground so that they explode when they are stepped on.

They have only one purpose: to kill and injure people.

Many of those injured by mines die a slow death.

Those who survive often live lives of misery, poverty, and discrimination.

Mines cannot see or hear.

They cannot tell a soldier from a child, a grandmother, a cow, or an elephant.

When anything touches them, they explode.

They remain active for a very long time —50 years, maybe even a century.

No one knows how many mines there are all over the world; there may be as many as 120 million.

There are nearly 25,000 victims of mines every year.

That is, one person is being killed or injured every 20 minutes.


antipersonnel a. 対人用の、兵員殺傷用の
mine n. 地雷
effort n. 努力、取り組み
mine-clearing a. 地雷を除去する
robot n. ロボット
explode v. 爆発する
injure v. ~を傷つける、~にけがをさせる
misery n. 悲惨さ、みじめさ
discrimination n. 差別
active a. 作動中の、活動的な
victim n. 犠牲者、被害者


step on ~ ~を踏む
die a ~ death ~な死を迎える
tell ~ from … …を~と見分ける
as many as ~ ~ものたくさんの

6. step on 〜 I stepped on his foot.
8. die a 〜 death They died a slow death. ≒ They died slowly.
11. tell 〜 from … A child cannot tell a mine from a toy.
17. as many as 〜 As many as 10,000 people came to the concert.

G-2 This problem is being solved.

Q-1 What is the purpose of antipersonnel mines?
Q-2 How long can mines remain active?

1. Antipersonnel mines explode when they are stepped on. (T)
2. Mines remain active after the war. (T)
3. 2,500 people are killed by mines every year. (F)


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